Kaplan Kids Online Program Agreement

Your membership (“Membership”) in the Kaplan Kids Online Program is subject to the following terms and conditions (the "Terms and Conditions").

Monthly Membership Fees: By registering to become a Kaplan Kids member, your child will receive unlimited access to Kaplan Kids’ Math and Reading interactive online curriculum (the “Kaplan Kids Online Program” or “Program”). Access to the Program’s curriculum will begin immediately upon completion of registration and payment of a monthly membership fee in the amount of $29.00 (less any applicable discounts) (“Monthly Membership Fee”).

Free Trial Period for New Members: First-time Kaplan Kids Online Program members are eligible to try the service for free (“Trial Offer”) for the first seven (7) days (“7-Day Trial Period”) without obligation. To accept the Trial Offer, you must register for the monthly service by providing a valid credit card or debit card (“Payment Method”). Upon registration, you will receive a password to immediately access the Kaplan Kids Online Program. Kaplan will not charge the Monthly Membership Fee to the Payment Method until after the 7-Day Trial Period ends and only if you do not inform us of your intent to cancel in accordance with the section below. If you decide to cancel the membership prior to the end of the 7-Day Trial Period, you will not incur any charges. If you do not cancel, at the end of your 7-Day Trial Period, you will be automatically charged the Monthly Membership Fee. By registering, you agree to participate in the Trial Offer and understand that the $29.00 Monthly Membership Fee will be automatically charged to you unless you cancel in accordance with the section below.

Payment Method & Cancellation Options: For monthly members (“Monthly Members”), Kaplan Kids will automatically charge the $29 (less any applicable discounts) Monthly Membership Fee to your credit card or checking account on the day you register. For trial offer members (“Trial Offer Members”), Kaplan Kids will automatically charge the $29 (less any applicable discounts) Monthly Membership Fee to your credit card or checking account the day after your 7-Day Trial Period ends. Thereafter, the Monthly Membership Fee to cover each monthly service period (“Monthly Service Period”) will be automatically charged on or around the same date of the month that you were charged your first Monthly Membership Fee. For example, if the date you were charged for the first Monthly Membership Fee was September 15th, the Monthly Membership Fee would be charged on the 15th of the following month and your Monthly Service Period would be from September 15th-October 14th.

You can cancel your Trial Offer membership or monthly membership at any time by clicking here or emailing us at kaplankids@kaplan.com. For Monthly Members, once you cancel, the cancellation will be effective at the end of the then-current Monthly Service Period and you will not be charged the Monthly Membership Fee for the next Monthly Service Period. For example, if your Monthly Service Period is from September 15th -October 14th, and you cancel on October 14th, you will not be charged for following Monthly Service Period and your access would cease on October 14th. If you cancel on October 15th, you would be charged for the next Monthly Service Period (October 15th-November 14th) and your online access would cease on November 14th. You will have access to student progress reports for six months after cancellation becomes effective.

Monthly Service Period Suspensions: If your Payment Method is declined for any service period, access to the Kaplan Kids Online Program will be suspended. This suspension will continue until the Monthly Membership Fee has been received.

Price Increases: Rising costs may occasionally require that we increase the Monthly Membership Fees. You will be notified via email if the Monthly Membership Fees increase. In no event will the Monthly Membership Fees for active students increase by more than 10% per calendar year. We reserve the right to modify, terminate or otherwise amend our offered membership plans.

Student Confidentiality: Kaplan Kids respects the confidentiality of your child’s records and academic information. As the parent/legal guardian authorized to register your child, you will have access to the information we gather about your child. Should you want to authorize such access to any other individuals (for instance your spouse), you may do so by emailing us at kaplankids@kaplan.com.. Please note that Kaplan Kids will honor any request for information about your child from the listed individuals without seeking your prior approval. If you need to remove any secondary users that you previously authorized, please email kaplankids@kaplan.com.

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